Information About Treadmill Mats

For people who want to stay in shape or lose weight, but do not have the time or the money for an expensive gym membership, a treadmill is a great alternative. There are many affordable treadmills on the market today. However, damaging the floor underneath the machine and the excessive noise and vibration created when running, jogging or even just simply walking. However, there is a simple and inexpensive solution to these problems: treadmill mats.

Treadmill mats are rectangular pieces of rubber matting that will fit under the machine. The mat will protect the floor from any scratching, which is important for people who use a fold-up machine that will be moved often. It will also cushion the machine when it is in use. This will reduce noise and vibration, making working out more enjoyable and less likely to disturb other occupants of the home.

Mats can be found at most sporting goods stores like The Sports Authority or Dick’s Sporting Goods. Of course, they can also be found online from a number of retailers including Amazon. Most mats will cost about thirty to forty dollars, but the price could be affected by a few key factors.

The thicker the rubber of treadmill mats, the more noise is absorbed which will increase the price. Some of these will even have a layer of gel to dampen all sounds and vibrations. Larger mats, needed for larger machines, will also cost slightly more. However, these are a great investment for any home gym and when properly cared for, will last several years.