Sports Betting Book Ripoffs

If you are becoming increasingly interested in placing professional bets on sports events, then of course you would need a good amount of knowledge before going in first. This can only be the wisest decision before making a mistake, but did you know that there are a lot of garbage sports betting book items being sold?

Because anyone can write their own sports betting book, it makes it very difficult at times to fish out the real expert from the wannabes. There is a difference between a system and really solid advice. Many authors want to contribute a sports betting system, and although in theory these are great – many of them are built on a rocky foundation and could lead you into financial trouble instead.

The thing that I always recommend doing is purchasing a sports betting book through a trusted vendor, such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble, but don’t just stop there. Make sure that you read carefully through the reviews of any book you are considering buying.

At the very least try to find a resource of betting knowledge that has at least a few reviews that appear to be honest, because there is such a thing as fake, or paid reviews, which although is illegal – still goes on.

I also recommend that you narrow down your focus. A sports betting book that seems to target all different types of sporting events can raise some concern, where as choosing a piece of literature that revolves around something more specific, such as football, hockey, etc – can really offer some sound knowledge.

Also be aware of any self published author who makes incredible claims of having on X amount of dollars with his system. This person could be lying, or if they did in fact have so much luck, does not mean that you will have the same results, and what if their system is built around something shady?

One other way to avoid getting scammed when buying a sports betting book is to look for very well respected and established authors in this niche. These are men who have probably been interviewed countless times, have written about sports for ages, and are not in the habit of losing money. Some authors include Michael Konik and King Yao, who really know their stuff.

I also recommend that instead of looking for that perfect system, that you instead approach a sports betting book looking to improve your knowledge of sports investing, and treat it more like a business model for yourself. There is a difference between someone who gambles their money away, and a person who really knows how to make a profit.